Photography: Botanical Gardens, DC.

Flower Photos!!


DSC_1867 - Version 2





There is nothing like exploring DC with nothing planned and no time constraints. As always the Botanical Gardens never disappoint!

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If interested in my work, more of my photos can be found in articles on this blog within the category of “Photography.”


Painting 1.

After what was an entirely hectic end to my spring semester, I finally found enough i free time to be able to sit down, relax, and paint. Not entirely set on a particular creation, many of my earlier works this summer involved experimentation with spray paint, sharpie, and other media. However, I couldn’t help but be called back to my first love, and again begin to work with oil.

The following is what managed to flow out the tip of my paintbrush in that return:


Inspired by little more than my imagination and artists I have studied in class over the past several years, created a dream-like alternative reality, combining the abstract and real in the attempt to capture the attention of all who look.

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Pink: The Color of Spring

What a relief. Color is finally returning to Washington DC, and pink is everywhere!

Before my final class for easter break, my camera and I ventured around campus to capture the budding beauty of early spring.

These photos are my favorite of the afternoon:







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Cross Country: The Heartland

The most recent stretch of the 2016 Cross Country odyssey brought my Mom and I straight through the heart of America: Texas and Oklahoma.

Though most of the trip through Texas consisted of cattle, windmills, and tumbleweeds, we managed to stumble upon a truly American spectacle: Cadillac Ranch. How could one not have fun photographing old, spray painted Cadillacs stuck nearly vertical in the wind whipped Texas landscape?  Here are my favorites:




After driving through the top hat of Texas, we were met by the plains of Oklahoma. Due to time constraints, our only pitstop was in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown. Though I did not take many photos of the quirky city square, I did find a secretly patriotic flower scene, an obviously patriotic flag shot, and then just a random lamp.




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Cross Country: Day 3

The United States is truly blessed with some spectacular geography that I can not believe I am privileged enough to visit and photograph. Though most of the past two days have been spent plastered to the seat of the car, we (My Mom and I) have managed to take in the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Powell Lake.

Despite over a thousand of shot, I like a grand total of 4. These four photographs are the four I will share with you below.

Photo 1: The Grand Canyon

Driving from Hermosa Beach, My Mom and I were racing the sun as it slowly sank to the west. Unfortunately, I ran to the wrong outlook upon our timely arrival to capture the fading sunset ; however, I did manage to snap a few photos before being shrouded in complete darkness. (And the following morning)



After a mere 12 hours at the Grand Canyon, we set out for Antelope Canyon. This spectacular slot Canyon is a wonder of water and wind located about three hours northeast of the Grand Canyon. The abstract shapes and shadows created by the sun striking the canyons weathered crevices are a sight I will not soon forget. The contrast in lighting made the photos hard to take; however, I did manage to capture a few that I really like.

Antelope Canyon Favorite

Antelope Canyon Black and White

Following Antelope Canyon, we quickly drove to Lake Powell to take in the scenic panoramic view.



After staying the night somewhere in New Mexico, we will be back on the road taking in all that the US has to offer. I will keep updating Impavid Thought with new photos, so check in for updates!

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